PS5 - Sony's big boy

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Re: PS5 - Sony's big boy

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Phlashman wrote: Thu Oct 15, 2020 5:03 pm Look cool, but also a lot of information on the screen.Wonder how many third parties will do the extra work to support and localise all those features?
That’s something some devs I follow spoke at today. The activities and hints stuff is cool in theory but that’s a lot more work for the devs to do as well as needing to locate it all into different languages. They’re giving the impression that the onus is on them and not Sony to utilise it.
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Re: PS5 - Sony's big boy

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Exactly, I imagine some low hanging fruit bits might be done (like achievement/quest tracking) as that's already mostly a thing. But help videos? Maybe, but could be a lot of work especially on smaller games.

Did Xbox 2013 show something like this when demoing having youtube and a game open at the same time?

Have they confirmed their Quick Resume alternative yet?
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